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          Five Stars Laboratory LLC, Mladost 4, bl. 401, entr. 5, apt 24, Sofia, Bulgaria




 Doping - Free Certificate





                 Five Stars Laboratory LLC has committed itself to working for professional sport. We

                 therefore make only doping - free products.

                 Our  products are subject to continuous control througtout the production process - from the

                 input materials to the packaging, to ensure maximum safety for the health of our customers.

                 Our team strives to develop the best products only, to ensure maximum recovery, strength and

                 stamina. We work in accordance with all the requirements of the World Anti - Doping Agency

                 ( WADA ).

                 All products of Five Stars Laboratory LLC are free of any prohibited substances included on

                 the 2011 Prohibited List, with all amendments and recommendations for 2012 having been

                 taken into account.












              Silvo Antonov Kozumplik

              Managing Director





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